Giving Projects

Giving Projects are an innovative, participatory model of funding social change and building community. Each Project is made up of a diverse group of people at all income levels, each of whom makes a donation of an amount that is meaningful to them. Together they develop and improve their skills as donor organizers and grassroots fundraisers, then work together to move money to strategic, underfunded organizing for social change in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

A Giving Project is a group of about 15-25 people who commit to:

  • Working together to strategically support underfunded social justice organizing in the Northwest.
  • Building community together, across race and class.
  • Grassroots fundraising with training and hands-on support from Social Justice Fund staff.
  • A full grantmaking process, including site visits and final granting decisions.
  • Find our current Giving Projects here or sign up for more info

Join a Giving Project!

Who can join a Giving Project?  Anyone. You do not have to be a member of Social Justice Fund. You do not have to know anything about non-profits, philanthropy, or the giving focus of the project. You could have wealth, you could be low-income – it doesn’t matter. There is no minimum (or maximum) amount you have to donate or raise. 

How do I join?
Sign up to request more information or attend an informational session.  Find more info on our current Giving Project here.

More questions?
Click here for answers to frequently asked questions like, how do I join? What organizations are funded by Giving Projects?  Or give us a call at (206) 624-4081

What Giving Project Alumni Say About Their Experience


“It was an amazing experience that gave me twice as much energy as I put in.” – Next Generation Giving Project 2010 Member

“I would think about it for days after [the meetings], and I grew from that.  You will be challenged but you will grow from it.” – Joann Ware, Environmental Justice Giving Project 2011

Finding Inspiration