Giving Projects

In 2015 Social Justice Fund will lead over 200 people through a process of learning, community building, fundraising and grantmaking for social change through our 2015 Giving Projects and learning groups. We’re excited to continue offering Giving Projects in Seattle, Portland and Montana. We’re also thrilled to continue our flagship Giving Projects and launch two brand new programs in 2015. Schedules and more info coming soon!

Giving Projects and New Programs


Our core model continues to be incredibly successful in developing leadership and moving money to social justice organizing. Each Giving Project guides members through a deep process of learning about race, class, fundraising, and social change, over about six months. 

In a Giving Project you will:

  • Build community across race and class
  • Make a meaningful gift and build fundraising skills with training and hands-on support 
  • Learn about community organizing in the Northwest, through grant applications and site visits
  • Fund some of the most inspiring grassroots organizations in the region, through a democratic process funding critical social change work
  • Sample Giving Project Schedule
  • Hear it from our members!  Watch this quick video to learn more about the Project.

We’re excited to continue offering the following projects:

  • Gender Justice Giving Project (Spring through Summer 2015)
  • Environmental Justice Giving Project (Spring through Summer 2015)
  • Economic Justice Giving Project (Fall/Winter of 2015/16)
  • Next Generation Giving Project (Spring through Fall 2015)
  • Social Justice Giving Project based in Portland (Spring through Fall 2015)

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*NEW* Our members have told us they want to learn more about the issues our grantees are working on. Learning Groups provide that opportunity, with a shorter time commitment (four meetings over two months). It’s like a book club - but with films or articles or guest speakers, not just books. Plus, members will make a direct impact with their meaningful gift and light fundraising, which will go into the grants made by Giving Projects. 

In a Learning Group you will: 

  • Dive into learning about key issues in a social justice movement that we fund (e.g. Gender Justice, Environmental Justice, or Economic Justice)
  • Make a meaningful gift, develop basic fundraising skills, and committ to raise money from at least 2 people to support 2015 grants 

We’ll offer four Learning Groups this year: 

  • 3 in Seattle, WA (Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Early Winter 2016)
  • 1 in Portland, OR (Summer 2015)

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*NEW* As a special program for Giving Project Alumni, we’re now offering Momentum Giving Projects. With less time commitment (four to five meetings over about two months) but high impact, this model is the one inch punch of social justice philanthropy - a way for GP alumni to stay engaged and challenged in their giving and donor organizing, while learning more about a focused aspect of our grantmaking. 

In a Momentum Giving Project you will: 

  • Continue the momentum you started with your initial Giving Project experience.
  • Deepen your analysis of social justice organizing in the Northwest and your skills as a donor organizer and grantmaker.
  • Make a meaningful gift and fundraise, with a focus on renewing some of your past donors .
  • Fund some of the most strategic work in the region, adding much-needed capacity to our general grants 

We’ll offer three Momentum Giving Projects this year:

  • 2 in Seattle (Spring 2015 and Fall 2015)
  • 1 in Montana (Fall 2015)

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