Momentum Giving Project: Native Led Organizing

For Giving Project alumni only... 

With less time commitment (four to five meetings over four months) but high impact, this model is the one inch punch of social justice philanthropy - a way for GP alumni to stay engaged and challenged in their giving and donor organizing, while learning more about a focused aspect of our grantmaking. In 2017, we will offer one Seattle-based Momentum Giving Project focused on funding Native Led Organizing. 

We chose this topic because our Momentum grants are designed to be responsive to the "movement moment" that is happening at the time. We recognize that our grantees are organizing -- strengthening communities, training activists, building analysis, developing leaders, making change -- all the time. But sometimes, a spark catches. Circumstances come together so that there's new momentum and focused attention around a particular issue. Grassroots organizations that have already been working on that issue and that have the analysis, leadership, and infrastructure to be most effective have a special opportunity and challenge at that time. They have an opportunity to help fan a spark into a flame and turn a moment into a movement. Our Momentum grants will help grassroots organizations respond to those needs and opportunities. 

This summer and fall, the Indigenous struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from transporting hydraulically “fracked” natural gas from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota to the Gulf Coast, a pipeline that had been rerouted from a predominantly white border town, to a new route above the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation mobilized thousands of tribal leaders and supporters in peaceful protest and protection of sovereign land and water and defined a new political moment for Native led movements for social justice.

For centuries Native Communities have organized against systemic anti-Native violence aimed at the erasure and genocide of Native peoples. Native organizations continue to be on the front lines of struggles for land sovereignty, tribal recognition, human rights, climate justice, and self-determination despite facing enormous odds against powerful forces such as large international corporations and Federal and State governments. SJF is proud to be a longtime funder of Native led organizing through all of our grant cycles. In this time of increased need and demands on Native led organizations as momentum grows around the fight for Native survival and sovereignty, we are excited to offer this new Momentum grant to provide funding to Native led organizations and projects that are advancing solutions and strategies led by and for Indigenous communities. This includes, but is not limited to, Native sovereignty, environmental justice, decolonization, racial and economic justice, Native rights in urban contexts, climate justice, etc.

We look forward to working with an incredible and committed group of SJF Alumni to support and resource Native led organizing and movement work in our region! To sign up or learn more about this project contact Yasmeen Perez, Program Director at or 206-624-4081 xt. 103


Momentum Seattle: Native Led Organizing

2017 Schedule: (PDF

  • Saturday March 18, 10am - 4pm (Introduction)
    • An introduction to Momentum Giving Projects, Fundraising & Grantmaking Refreshers 
    • Learn from a Guest Speaker about Native Led Organizing and movement building
    • Start reading grants
  • Saturday April 15, 10am - 5pm (Screening)
    • Fundraising Support
    • Screening - Democratic grantmaking process to decide which applicants will get site visits
  • Saturday, May 13th, 10am-5pm (Grantee Summit in Seattle)
    • Learn more about Native Led Organizing and other topics from our grantees
    • Meet organizers and other SJF members
  • Saturday, June 17, 10am-5pm (Grantmaking Decisions)
    • Democratic grantmaking process to review site visit reports, discuss finalists, and choose grantees
  • Thursday, July 6, 6:30-9pm (Celebration)
    • Evaluate and celebrate our process!

For more information about joining, contact SJF Program Director Yasmeen Perez - yasmeen(at)

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